Sunday, June 13, 2010

It All Started with a Doodle.

Do you doodle when you talk on the phone? I do. I was aware that I was making a flower that kept getting bigger as the shape repeated. I decided this could be an interesting painting, so I added lots of bright colors and started painting. It made my eyes blurr some, but I liked the effect of the colors next to each other. I love the turquoise color, so I added as the background to create more pop. The question at the end was whether to do black or white in between each color. I usually pick black, but I wanted a batik fell, so I went with white. It is a powerful painting done in acrylics on a 8 X 10 canvasboard, so I named it Flower Power. Here is the link to it on my Etsy store: Flower Power Original.