Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is It A Color Obsession?

The other day I was watching How Do I Look? It's my substitute for What Not to Wear (where are Stacey and Clinton?). There was a woman who dressed only in purple. She also had purple as the color of her bedroom and her accessories. She was stuck in purple and she didn't look good in it. Of course she had a total transformation at the end. I thought to myself, "how silly to be so stuck in a color". The other day, I decided to get all my sweaters out of my wardrobe to make room for my summer wardrobe. Every so often, I decide to organize my clothes by color. Of course, that idea only lasts for a week or two- tops. I looked at my groups of colors, and I realized that I am a relative of the Purple Lady, but my choice of color is aqua/turquoise/teal. Here is a picture of some of my tops:

Now, I can say in my defense that this color looks good on me, but then I noticed the color is evident in my accessories and even my cell phone:

Well, that's ok. I like to match. There's nothing wrong with that! But then I looked at my bed, and the mixed media I created to match:

Maybe this is an obssession! Then I took at some of the art I have done:

The color is in there too! I don't know if I need a color intervention.