Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome Gigi!

I have a new cat named Gigi. She is two years old. I got her on the 4th of July from Helen Woodward. Nikki and Gigi are still adjusting to one another. She is spunky and affectionate. She will not replace Tabitha, but I will love her too. Gigi is a very pretty cat. She was a Pet Ambassador at Helen Woodward which meant when kids came to the center, they would put Gigi in with the kids. She liked the kids, and of course, the kids liked her. I think the staff at Helen Woodward was sad to see her go! I will love this cutie pie!

Tabitha passed away.

On June 30th I had to put my baby girl, Tabitha, asleep. She was just about 16 years old. The cancerous tumor had grown aggressively on her face making it difficult to eat. She had gone from 12 pounds to 6, and she was all bones. She could go only about 3 steps and had to rest. She was fighting, but she was exhausted. The congestive heart failure and kidney disease were both time bombs waiting to go off. Although she didn't cry out, I knew she was suffering. My friend Jenn, and I spoke to the vet. It was time. She was such a wonderful cat! She will forever be in my heart. I am so glad I had Sandra paint the beautiful portrait of her! It is in my bedroom where I see it all the time! I love you Tabitha!

One Becomes Two

I have broken my one store into two stores. The art store is called Fanciful Art by pmcookie and the jewelry store is called Fanciful Jewelry by kittywoman. I like having two stores. Hopefully it will created more sales!