Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rocks in My Path

On Father's Day, my father and I went hiking. We reached a river that separated the path. It wasn't very big, and there were some rocks that could be used as stepping stones to cross the river. My dad went first, and I followed. I noticed he was very carefully studying each rock for stability before he stepped on it. I was right behind him learning from his moves. Some rocks were stable and some rocks were shaky. You didn't quite know what the rock would do until you stepped on it. It wasn't a big river, and we made it across without falling in.
I have been aware of the symbolism of that river crossing. I am at that point in my journey in my path. There is a river that I must cross. The rocks represent decisions I must make. Some of them seem shaky, and I am hesitant to step on them, but others are strong and secure. I am standing on one side trying to decide how to proceed on the rocks. Which ones will support me? I see the path on the other side that I must continue on. If I could name the rocks, they would be: creativity, employment, family, moving, friends and health. Which ones are going to make me fall into the river if any? Which ones are slowing me down because of fear? I need to take a deep breath, plan my steps and start to cross. The other side is full of adventures and mystery for me.
Are you at a river of uncertainty?