Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nikki Gets Her Debut on Etsy

After I finished painting the picture of my newest fanciful cat, Nikki decided to jump up on the counter and stretch out right next to the painting. I thought it was an adorable photo so I snapped a picture.

The ecourse that I am taking from Kelly Rae Roberts says that blogs are important to increasing your sales. If fact she says that "blogging is the MOST important thing you can do to cultivate an online presence for your creative biz". So, I asked for some critiques about my blog. It use to have a dark background, and a banner like the one is my Fanciful Art shop. I received the same comments; that it was hard to read my blog with the dark background and my pictures weren't big enough. The picture problem was easy to fix. The blog design was another story. I picked a pre-made one from The Cutest Blog on the Block. It was green and brown, and it was very cute, but it didn't really match the style of my art. I felt as though I was compromising. So, I obessed, spent 4 hours, and now I have a new blog background and banner.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


I have enrolled in an ecourse with Kelly Rae Roberts, and I need to blog more. I'll take a moment and catch you up on things.

The Mother's Day at Creekwalk was ok. The weather was cold and drizzly. My cousin Loraine and my friend Patty were there. There were only about 7 people selling. The wind was horrible, and my displays were going all over the place. Most of the other sellers were packed up at about 1:30, but we stayed. I did the most amount of selling when it was the coldest and starting to rain. The event was suppose to go until 4:00, but we packed it in by 3:30.

At the end of the Creekwalk, we got a flyer about another upcoming event on May 30th. It was called the Strawberry Festival. Now, I know that the Strawberry Festival can be a big thing in Vista, so Loraine and I went for it. We found out that it was from 4-7. That's an odd time. We also discovered that it wasn't downtown, but it was by a creek about a mile away. I checked it out a week before with my friend. It looked pretty country and unkept, but they were still working on the trail. Enter today. I get there. There weren't any signs or banner. Loraine is waiting for me. There are no other booths. We had no idea what to do. I called the lady in charge who informed me that she has the flu. She directed me to a grove of trees. We went over there, and there were many motorcycles and old cars on display. I talked Loraine into staying. We were the only sellers. We both put up our jewelry. We got some women (mainly wives of bikers) looking. I made a few sales. It was pretty comical.

Here are some pictures from today: