Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome Gigi!

I have a new cat named Gigi. She is two years old. I got her on the 4th of July from Helen Woodward. Nikki and Gigi are still adjusting to one another. She is spunky and affectionate. She will not replace Tabitha, but I will love her too. Gigi is a very pretty cat. She was a Pet Ambassador at Helen Woodward which meant when kids came to the center, they would put Gigi in with the kids. She liked the kids, and of course, the kids liked her. I think the staff at Helen Woodward was sad to see her go! I will love this cutie pie!


PMM said...

What a beautiful cat! Love the orange coloring. Looks like she'll bring you lots of joy and love.

So sorry to hear about Tabitha. Rest in Peace in kitty heaven.

Bella Casa said...

She's adorable!

I saw your post in the Etsy forums about getting PR. I am having an Etsy Party on my blog, Jan 26-30 and I hope you will come join in on the fun!

You can post your link (to your blog or your Esty shop) in Mr. Linky and then you can leave a comment about your goods.

There will be prizes, too.

Hope you can join in!


Arizona Skies said...

Sorry about Tabitha.

When I told my vet that I would never get another pet because it hurt too much to lose them, he told me that: "You will avoid the pain of losing them, but you will also miss the unconditional love and happiness they bring into your life". Amen!