Sunday, March 22, 2009

I won something!

I got a nice surprise yesterday! I was in a treasury on Etsy. Actually, two of my paintings were in the same treasury AND I happened to be the 200th person to heart this person's shop, so I also got to pick something FREE from her shop. I picked these gorgeous Amethyst and Powder Rose earrings. Her shop is EarthlyCreations and she has lovely jewelry! She also has another shop called ArizonaSkies which sells crafts. I can't wait to get my beautiful earrings!


Arizona Skies said...

Make sure you buy that lottery ticket, too, you never know, Lady Luck must be looking out for you. LOL

I'm shipping the earrings tomorrow. And thank you, again!

Phyllis from EarthlyCreation said...

wow ..
too cute..
you lucky duck
so glad I popped in for a visit
great blog
mona & the gaffer girls

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