Thursday, November 5, 2009


SO, yesterday I was feeling like a"creative failure" (my term). I wanted to create a collage that stretched me creatively. I was afraid it would look horrible. I had purchased all this fun paper, and a 12X12 canvas (which by the way, Big Lots has canvases that range from $3.00- $5.00) .Recently I have not be happy with my end results of my art. I decided, with some encouragement to go for it. Today I could stay home all day and create, and that is what I did. Actually, last night I glued on the paper using gel medium.

Today, I cut out a flower pattern of contact paper. This helped me so I could use different colors than the background. I then put all sorts of fun colors like Robin's Egg Blue, Sage Green, Turquoise, red and peach. I wiped some off, added water to make dribbles, embellished the corners and just made a mess! It was so freeing!

After I was somewhat satisified, I peeled back the contact paper to reveal my flower. I had used old contact paper, and some of the edges lifted a little. That was ok because I was painting the flower over the paper and paint.

The last stage took the longest. I painted the flower, added more color to the background, outlined the flower in black, added the word "courage", wrote what courage means to me on the petals, added peach beads on the petals and put a glass beads medium in the yellow center. I finished by painting the sides black. I finally finished!

I don't know if I will even list it on Etsy, or if it is totally complete, but it freed me from my creative block. It was one of the most enjoyable days at home in a while.


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Fantastic Pam! How fun!

patty said...

Pam, it's an inspiring story - one that many of us can relate to! I love how you documented it and I love the result!!