Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Colors of Summer

Yesterday I was in a creative blip. I had the inspiration, the beads, the idea, the tools, but I couldn't make it happen. I tried two different necklaces, but neither was what I had imagined in my head. What do you do with that? We've all had situations like that. I found it best to put it aside for a while. It might be a day, or days, or a week. The colors that I was trying to create in the necklace are the colors of summer.

Summer is my favorite time of year. I like the long days. I love the warmth of the sun. Maybe it goes back to my childhood, but summer means freedom.

The blue and turquoise represent the ocean and the clear sky.

The yellow, orange and red represent the sun and its warmth.

The creams and the rich tans represent the sand of the beach.

The pinks, purples and corals represent a beautiful sunset.

Someday I'll attempt another try with my necklace, afterall they say the third time is a charm, but until then, I'll be dreaming of my perfect summer day with all my favorite colors.

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Alyssa Willis said...

I would say summer is my favorite also. I love all of the pictures represented having to do with the beach. I love the beach! I think your necklace is very vibrant and pretty. I can imagine wearing it myself.