Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Different Styles of Art

I have many styles of art. I really like to experiment with different colors, techniques, materials and designs.

My style that I always fall back into is the bright and colorful, fun and whimsical paintings.

I have been having fun experimenting with mixed media.

One of my favorite subjects to paint is the beach.

I do, however, like to paint a mug every so often too.

All in all, my art has different textures, colors and styles. I guess it is just the creative, experimental, artsy, Gemini in me! Who knows what I will paint next.

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Rebecca Everett said...

Pam your work is gorgeous!! I love your beach paintings one of fav things to photograph is the beach. Is that scene from Big Sur in the lower left corner. Glad to have meet you through the Flying Lessons!

Pam said...

Thanks Rebecca! The arch one is from Mexico, the one next to it is from Montana De Oro up in the San Luis Obispo area, and the rest are from my mind.

Anonymous said...

wow, these are amazing. I love the beach one especially! said...
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Michele Fauss said...

Your work is beautiful! I'm totally the same way, I have so many styles, but the one thing those styles have in common is color. Lots of it! :) Love your bright beautiful colors too!

Johwey Redington said...

Versatility is a good thing. Your art makes me smile, it's so cheery! :D