Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Blue Bird is back bigger and better!

Quite some time I had a 6X6 painting of a blue bird in a coral tree:

This bird received a lot of views, but it didn't sell until it made it to the front page of Etsy. Then, I sold two. One person bought it right away and another person wanted the painting, so I painted another.
I had yet another one listed about a year later. It was the same size, but the colors were a little different, and it sold:

It made me think- what if I made the bird a totally different color like yellow and facing the opposite direction?

It sold too, but it took quite a while.

Recently, I was in the mood to paint yet another bird, but I wanted to go bigger. I have had this 14X20 canvas hanging around, so I decided to go BIG. Here's how I did it:

First- After I had scetched the bird and flowers. I painted in the blues of the bird and the orange of the flowers:

Next- I added the red of the berries in the flowers:

Next- I painted the background a deep rich brown:

Next- I added the copper for the stems and the details of the bird:

Finally- I did some final touches and changed the eye color. Here he is:

You can check out the painting on Etsy- Blue Bird Original Painting.

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