Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shows and Loraine

I have been in a few art and jewelry shows lately. I have been just focused on my jewelry since that has been the bigger seller. I have been very fortunate now that my cousin, Loraine lives near, so often times we go together and have our booths next to each other. It is so nice to have someone you know next to you. For me, it's like a security blanket. I tend to get nervous and apprehensive before and during shows. I know I should be strong and not care what others think, but for me that is challenging. Since I am unemployed EVERY cent counts, and there is more of a need for my jewelry to sell. I don't think that is good, and I think people can sense that. I LOVE to create, but I don't like marketing. I would love to "hire" someone to do that for me. I think that creativity and marketing do not always go hand and hand.

Ok, I am going to quit my whining, and introduce to you my cousin Loraine's beautiful work. It is truly beautiful and each piece she does is like a masterpiece. What she does is called beadweaving, and it is gorgeous! Here is an example of some of her work:

Those are vases that she has stitched beads on. Here are her bracelets:

They are so much more beautiful in person! She has an etsy shop which is:
Please check it out! She will be in the street fair in downtown Vista on September 12th. I might be there too, but I am still debating.

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patty said...

It's great that you two can support each other and hang out together at shows - especially when it's slow... you both have beautiful work!