Thursday, January 1, 2009


So, here I am on New Years Day. Hopeful that this is the year everybody realizes that they can't live without my art, and they purchase like crazy. Oh, I just woke up. Ha ha. I actually paint and create because I love it. To be honest, I do wish I sold more. I have a friend that sells frequently, and I do get a bit envious. I am trying new avenues like 1000markets. I hope to do more street fairs too. I like to work with bright colors. I like to add whimsy. I am trying new techniques. I just love to create. I have been unemployed since June, and I have loved the time to create. I do need a job though. I have a good plan for that. A man would also be nice too. I'd like him to be rich so I can paint and create all day. I guess I need to wake up from that dream too. Seriously, I am thankful for so much. I have a wonderful family, great frends, good health, two wonderful cats and a God who loves me. What more could I want?

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you are hilarious...
good things come to good people'
yours good things are coming.
have a great week..
glad I found you today...
mona & the girls