Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nikki Gets Her Debut on Etsy

After I finished painting the picture of my newest fanciful cat, Nikki decided to jump up on the counter and stretch out right next to the painting. I thought it was an adorable photo so I snapped a picture.

The ecourse that I am taking from Kelly Rae Roberts says that blogs are important to increasing your sales. If fact she says that "blogging is the MOST important thing you can do to cultivate an online presence for your creative biz". So, I asked for some critiques about my blog. It use to have a dark background, and a banner like the one is my Fanciful Art shop. I received the same comments; that it was hard to read my blog with the dark background and my pictures weren't big enough. The picture problem was easy to fix. The blog design was another story. I picked a pre-made one from The Cutest Blog on the Block. It was green and brown, and it was very cute, but it didn't really match the style of my art. I felt as though I was compromising. So, I obessed, spent 4 hours, and now I have a new blog background and banner.


Julie said...

i love your banner pam! I wish i could obsess over mine, but i'm just not there yet. I do like the light background also. oh, and the cat's adorable!

patty said...

Boy, you didn't waste any time did you?? Nice job, I'm likin it!!

Linda R said...

Well have no fear! So excited for you, and the blog is much improved. I saw it before and thought it was fine but now that the banner is different I really like suggestion is maybe change the yellow with your title line maybe to a photo of a sunrise, or sunflowers some type of photo behind anyway keep playing with it - you are definitely going in the right direction - congrats -see you in class.